Top Picks for Cafe Kings Cross—The Ultimate Coffee Lover's Guide

February 9, 2024

Are you ready to discover the coffee-filled centre of London? Being based in King's Cross, we know a few things about where to pick up at that perfect cup of Joe. This area of the city is where dreams come true for any Java devotee - packed with a range of cafes, each offering its own unique story. From intimate hideaways that give you much needed respite from city life and vibrant spots filled with energy – there’s something special here for everyone at Cafe Kings Cross!

Did you know this well known location plays host to an amalgamation of global caffeine cultures? An incredible selection awaits such as single origin blends alongside French based creations plus East London hotspots along with some jaw dropping night time offerings! Let us take this exciting journey together and explore what lies in store.

Key takeaways

  • Explore King’s Cross for amazing coffee gems like Redemption Roasters, Caravan and Aux Pains de Papy.
  • Indulge in single origin sensations at Notes Coffee, Le Cafe Alain Ducasse or Origin Coffee Roasters.
  • Enjoy evening delights with nighttime offerings from Notes and Caravan - jazz nights & unique cocktails!

Coffee Haven – King's Cross Station

Exterior view of King's Cross Station
Coffee at Kings Cross Station

At King’s Cross Station, you’ll find a coffee lover’s dream. Craft Coffee serves their special brew with Notes beans from the back of the station, while Giraffe cafe offers up a comforting and familiar experience that has plenty of food choices to pick from. Imagine yourself savouring quality coffee as your train awaits or sharing drinks over conversation, it makes for an incomparable setting when experiencing great caffeine culture!

Black Sheep Coffee

Craft Coffee stall at King's Cross Station
Craft Coffee Kings Cross

Located near King's Cross Station, Black Sheep Coffee is a vibrant and popular café in London. Part of a growing chain that's gone from strength to strength, it offers a range of unique coffee blends and a variety of menu items including pastries, cakes, and hearty breakfast options. The café is known for its welcoming environment, making it a great spot for both quick stops and relaxed visits. With its commitment to quality and customer service, Black Sheep Coffee has become a favourite among locals and travellers alike You won’t regret grabbing a cup before hopping on your train at King’s Cross station – trust us!


Visiting Stable Street in King’s Cross? Don’t forget to check out Giraffe cafe. Offering a traditional coffee setting, this spot provides comfort and variety with snacks such as pulled pork tacos and bigger meals like katsu curries or burgers! They offer delicious brunch menus earning them 3.5 stars on TripAdvisor from 401 reviews. But one dish that shouldn’t be missed is the potato hash - you won’t regret it!

East London's finest – Top Coffee Shops in King's Cross

Redemption Roasters at Coal Drops Yard
Coffee Kings Cross London

Exploring King’s Cross even Reveals more gems for coffee lovers. Among them are Redemption Roasters and Caravan, each of which has something special to offer in terms of a unique coffee experience. To start with, the former is an ethical source that helps reduce reoffending while providing delicious drinks. Whereas Caravan provides guests not only with high quality caffeine but also offers a full restaurant menu too!

So regardless if it’s breakfast at the latter or social responsibility sourced from Redemption Roasters – one thing stands true, there are plenty of reasons why this area appeals to those who love their java fix! Let’s go explore!

Redemption Roasters

At Redemption Roasters, they are not just in it for the coffee, they believe that their product can make a difference. This enterprise has been set up to provide ethically sourced goods and help minimise reoffending by training young people behind bars on barista skills. The Aylesbury Blend is one of their signature blends made from roasting beans within Aylesbury Prison itself! Along with excellent espresso-based drinks, visitors will find cakes, pastries and lunches available too, this place really shows how much an ordinary cafe can impact lives positively!


On the flip side, Caravan is a restaurant and café located in an old Victorian grain store situated near King’s Cross. This place has certainly become popular with its coffee, which has been expertly roasted here in London as well as sourced from various parts of the world including their signature blend. Not only that, but it also boasts an industrial atmosphere making it ideal for eating all day long! To this, they have some really great breakfast options like bacon served alongside poached eggs or baked egg dishes plus Greek yogurt accompanied by chorizo toast - if you haven’t tried these mouth-watering brunch menus yet, what are you waiting for?

Indulge in French Flair – Aux Pains de Papy

Aux Pains de Papy - a Parisian-style cafe in the heart of London, run by Mathieu Esposito from France - is known for its superb French pastries. The best way to sample their delicacies? Take a seat outside and have some coffee just like locals do! And if you need something more filling, they also offer amazing baguette sandwiches that will be perfect for lunch. So grab one today at Aux Pains de Papy while exploring this beautiful city of London!

Sip in Style: Halfcup

Interior of Half Cup cafe
Coffee Shop London

At Halfcup, one of the finest coffee shops in London’s King Cross, it’s easy to chill and enjoy a tasty cup of Joe. It has been noted for its warm atmosphere as well as multiple awards earned for their exquisite coffees and brunches. This family-owned business will not disappoint!

Be sure to try out the renowned Nude Espresso Flat. White while you’re there – we promise that each sip is worth your time!

Single origin sensations

If you’re a coffee enthusiast looking to experience single-origin brews, King’s Cross is the place for you! Here, several cafes specialise in this unique type of beverage. From Notes Coffee’s unique taste to Origin Coffee Roasters and Le Cafe Alain Ducasse roasting exclusive blends in Paris, each has something distinct to offer when it comes to their take on single origin coffees. Every cup will allow its region’s special characteristics and flavours to come alive like never before!

Notes Coffee

If you’re in London and seeking a unique coffee experience, Notes Coffee has just what you need. Robert Robinson and Fabio Ferreira started this place up back in 2010. Not only do they offer single origin coffees which boast delightful taste notes from the particular terroir of beans used, but on Wednesdays there’s even live jazz for added atmosphere!

The brewing process lends complexity to each cup of single origin java that is sold here at Notes so be sure to stop by if your senses are craving something different—the nightlife will delight too!

Le Cafe Alain Ducasse

At Le Cafe Alain Ducasse, coffee lovers can experience a unique treat - the cafe’s exquisite beans are personally chosen by none other than Alain Ducasse himself and roasted to perfection in Paris. Buying these amazing grinds allows you to make it at home for an incredible cup of joe whenever you like! How cool is that?

The commitment towards quality from Mr.Ducasse really shines through here. He goes above and beyond choosing only the finest beans across the globe so his customers enjoy optimal flavour with every sip. Talk about luxury!

Origin Coffee Roasters

To finish off, let’s discuss Origin Coffee Roasters. This cafe’s speciality is their single origin coffees. Both of their locations in the British Library are inviting and relaxing environments with excellent music playing while baristas proudly showcase their craftsmanship creating coffee drinks to perfection.

Apart from that, you can find a variety of pastries as well as breakfast and lunch options so if you’re at the library it would be worth stopping by for an all-round enjoyable café experience accompanied with one of Origin’s signature cup(s) of single origin brew!

Moreish Cafe Deli – A Bloomsbury gem

If you’re looking for an awesome coffee spot that offers up some delicious food, make sure to check out Moreish Cafe Deli near King’s Cross. This popular hangout amongst students of nearby universities like UCL, SOAS and Birkbeck has been around a while, clearly they must be doing something right! As well as their delicious meals on offer in the cafe-greenhouse combination, people rave about their homemade lentil soup too. So if it’s nature with your caffeine fix you need then this is the ideal place for you.

Wildcard – Granary Square's hidden treasure

Granary Square view with hidden cafe
Granary Square

Nestled away in Granary Square next to the fountain is an incredible find, Wildcard. This coffee shop got its beginnings from Kensal Rise and then opened a second location at Granary Square near Coal Drops Yard. Here you can get freshly brewed Quarter Horse Coffee beans blended into sensational coffee accompanied by Kombucha and Wine for variety’s sake! And don’t forget about their delectable food offering of pastries allowing visitors a complete cafe experience too! If your steps bring you near Granary Square, make sure not to pass up on checking out this amazing little shop called Wildcard with fine coffee, goodies & more, go visit them now!

Coffee and culture – Cafes near iconic landmarks

Do you need a coffee while taking in iconic views? Look no than King’s Cross. Here, the British Library and Pancras Square offer unique experiences that can be enjoyed alongside your cup of Jo. For those who love to read or explore cities, it doesn’t get any better! Let us examine these two landmarks more closely and see what kind of coffee options they provide.

British Library

The British Library is the ultimate destination for coffee and book enthusiasts. At Origin Coffee Roasters, you can get a taste of this mecca with ethically-sourced refreshments such as pastries, breakfast/lunch options along with freshly brewed coffee. This cafe follows library opening hours, which makes it an ideal spot to take a break while exploring the iconic library’s vast collection of books and manuscripts. So if your visit involves stopping by The British Library, don’t forget to drop into Origin Coffee Roasters!

Pancras Square

Visiting Kings Cross and looking for a coffee break? Then make your way to Pancras Square where two renowned cafes, Caravan and Notes Coffee, are situated. They serve all types of beverages from espresso-based drinks, blends as well as single origin coffees, with selections changing often. These cafés have surely added much more flavour to the vibrant city life in this area!

Whether you’re just taking in sight or waiting for someone, there’s something special waiting here – an unforgettable cup of brews that will live up to expectations every time!

Evening delights coffee shops with nighttime offerings

Let’s not overlook the night dwellers! King’s Cross has a few coffee shops that are great for those who like their caffeine fix under starry skies. Two popular ones to mention are Notes and Caravan, both offering special evening experiences.

To get your cultural fill, you can attend weekly jazz nights at Notes or sip on creative cocktails while chilling in Caravan – either way there is something fun going on during nighttime hours just as much as there is during daytime!


If you are looking for a laid-back spot to spend the evening with some coffee and jazz music, Notes cafe is just what you need. Open from 7:30 am till 10:00 pm every Wednesday night, this place offers an unbeatable combination of refreshments and entertainment.

The atmosphere in the super comfortable seating area will help take your stress away while enjoying all that coffee and live tunes has to offer at their weekly event, Jazz Night at Notes Cafe! So don’t miss out on sipping great drinks as well as experiencing unique melodies, it’s truly something special.


Caravan cafe offers a fantastic evening experience and the perfect atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Coffee lovers will love their selection of great brews, while cocktail enthusiasts can dive into an eclectic menu with unique flavour combinations that make each drink unforgettable. Craft beers are also available, so there’s something for every taste at Caravan!

Good luck on your quest for the perfect coffee!

Coffee lovers, here is the ideal tour for you! King’s Cross offers a lot of coffee experiences to explore and enjoy. You can enjoy a strong cup at the station or discover single-origin speciality drinks paired with French pastries from local cafes near iconic landmarks in town. Every cafe has its own story to tell, which makes it special. Each drink provides its unique taste as well.

Whether one lives nearby, is studying there, visiting on holiday or simply looking for something new - King’s Cross fits all these needs perfectly when it comes to experiencing an amazing variety of coffee delights available around every corner!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kings Cross famous for?

King’s Cross is globally renowned for being the entrance to Platform 9 3/4, which serves as a way for characters in J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series to take the Hogwarts Express train – an idea created by Rowling herself when she reminisced of her parents’ first encounter at that station.

What shops are there at Kings Cross station?

At King’s Cross Station, you can find a great range of shops to grab some last-minute gifts or treats like Hotel Chocolat, Oliver Bonas, Kiehl’s Urban Decay and the Harry Potter Shop as well as Paperchase and Rituals. There is also Isle of Flowers for those who wish to send something special.

Is Kings Cross open 24 hours?

King’s Cross is open around the clock and you can visit anytime. Meanwhile, coal drops. Yard has hours of operation from 10 AM until 11 PM at night. So if coal or anything else in that area interests you, this could be a great place.

Which exit at Kings Cross for coal drops yard?

When leaving King’s Cross Tube station, follow the signs for Regent’s Canal. You’ll be directed to German Gymnasium restaurant - go ahead and take a right on King’s Boulevard from there until you see Granary Square across the canal with Coal Drops Yard shopping area close by.

What's special about single-origin coffee?

For a flavourful and distinct experience, single origin coffee is ideal. It has its own unique taste profile originating from one particular place, meaning that it can be traced back to just one source. For those seeking something special with their cup of coffee, this type of beverage makes the perfect choice!

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