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We’re a new kind of self storage business, created to help Londoners find more space.

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HOLD: born different

At HOLD, we're not just another copy-paste self-storage provider; we're a collective of industry veterans who became disillusioned with how other storage companies were doing things.

That’s why we broke away from the pack to start a storage company that truly puts people first.

Space as the new luxury

Space has become the ultimate luxury for Londoners and businesses alike. The system has let us down; leaving many of us feeling trapped as we get out-priced and squeezed out.

Make room for wellbeing

It's a fact: less space leads to a lower quality of life. How we feel about our personal and work space is deeply connected to our well-being. We all need more room to breathe, live, and grow.

Here for London

We believe that storing your belongings should do more than just free up physical space; it should transform lives. That's why we're reshaping the self-storage landscape by putting people first.

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