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Warehousing and commercial storage space for London's SMEs. Access your own private warehouse.

Why store with HOLD:


✔️ Helpful staff, 7 days a week

✔️ Secure buildings, alarmed units, CCTV

✔️ Trolleys and easy-access loading bays

✔️ WiFi, workpods and parcel service

✔️ 24-hour building access with PIN code

✔️ Modern, well-maintained facilities

✔️ Special offers available for new business customers!

From £15.70 / week. New customer offers available!
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Storage Details

HOLD - London's premier warehouse storage solution

At HOLD, we recognize the diverse storage needs of businesses, from bulk storage to pallet storage and beyond. Our warehouse storage solutions are crafted to cater to a wide range of business requirements, offering a secure, organized, and accessible space for your valuable assets. Whether you're a small local business or a large corporation, HOLD’s warehouse spaces provide the perfect storage solution, ensuring your items are stored safely and managed efficiently.

Versatile warehouse spaces tailored to your needs

More than just warehouse space, our warehouse storage facilities are versatile solutions designed to adapt to your specific business needs. From storing bulk items to archive storage, our warehouse services can assist you with a variety of storage requirements.

With flexible warehouse space options, HOLD can accommodate everything from pallets and containers to shelving units and more. This adaptability makes us an ideal choice for businesses seeking the right storage solution that aligns with their unique supply chain and inventory management needs.

Advanced security and climate-controlled storage units

Security and preservation of your items are paramount at HOLD. Our warehousing facilities are fortified with advanced security systems, including 24/7 CCTV surveillance, intruder alarms, and secure access controls. Our climate-controlled units are specifically designed to maintain optimal conditions, safeguarding temperature-sensitive materials and ensuring they remain in pristine condition. This combination of top-notch security and climate-controlled environments positions HOLD as a leader in providing secure storage solutions.

Efficient loading bays and fulfilment services

Understanding the dynamics of business operations, HOLD's warehouses are equipped with efficient loading and unloading bays, streamlining the process of moving goods in and out. Our fulfilment services are designed to assist businesses in managing their stock more effectively, offering a streamlined system for distribution and supply management.

This efficiency is crucial for businesses that require regular access to their stored items and seek to optimize their logistics and distribution strategies.

Advanced facilities for streamlined storage and distribution

Our warehouse services extend to include advanced facilities like pallet storage systems and container storage options, ensuring your goods are easily stored, managed, and retrieved. The strategic locations of our warehouses facilitate efficient distribution, making them ideal for businesses looking to optimize their supply chain processes. With HOLD, you get more than just space; you get a partner committed to supporting the growth and efficiency of your business.

Dedicated customer service for your warehouse storage needs

At HOLD, we elevate your experience with dedicated customer service tailored to your warehouse storage needs. Our team excels in providing expert guidance for optimizing your use of our warehouse space, ensuring your storage process is smooth and hassle-free.

We’re here to answer your queries, assist with logistics, and help manage your stored inventory, be it in London or elsewhere in the UK. Our commitment is to deliver a service that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, ensuring every interaction with us adds value to your business.

A range of boxes and packing materials

Understanding the importance of safe and efficient storage, HOLD offers a variety of high-quality boxes and packing materials suited for diverse warehousing needs. Whether you're storing bulky items or delicate goods, our materials are designed to ensure your stock remains secure and intact within our warehouse space.

We provide warehouse storage solutions that cater to the specific needs of your items, enhancing the overall efficiency and safety of your storage in our warehouse facilities. With HOLD, you can be confident that your goods are well-protected and stored optimally.

Partnering with HOLD for your warehouse storage needs

At HOLD, we're dedicated to providing excellent service and tailored storage solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our secure, versatile, and well-managed warehouses, combined with our expert team, ensure that your storage and distribution needs are covered.

Contact HOLD today to explore our range of warehouse storage options and discover how we can help streamline your business operations.

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