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Storage unit sizes can be tricky to navigate, even with the help of our storage size calculator. That's where we come in.

Storage Unit Size Guide

HOLD's storage units range from 25ft to 250ft, offering flexibility, easy access, and advanced security. Store anything from seasonal items and office equipment, to the contents of a large 5-bedroom house and more! Whether you're moving house or starting an e-commerce business, we have unit sizes for everyone. Flexible terms let you easily switch units without being tied into a long-term contract. And if you're struggling, our storage experts will find the perfect space for you.

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We'll help you figure out what size storage unit you need!

Self storage size guide

How do I choose storage size?

Choosing the right size storage unit depends on your storage needs. First carefully determine how much space you require. For small items or the contents of a small office, a unit between 5'x5' and 5'x10' (25-50 sq ft) is suitable. For medium storage needs (like the contents of a one-room apartment) a medium storage unit ranging from 5'x15' to 10'x10' (75-100 sq ft) is ideal, about the size of a small van load.

Need to store the entire contents of a two-bedroom house? Consider a large storage unit between 10'x15' to 10'x25' (150-250 sq ft), comparable to a double garage For even bigger needs, like storing the entire contents of a three-bedroom house, a unit size of around 10'x30' (300 sq ft), similar to a three-car garage, would be necessary.

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Quick guide to unit sizes

  • 5x5 - Telephone box
  • 5x10 - Walk-in closet
  • 5x15 - Large walk-in closet
  • 7.5x10 - Half small bedroom
  • 10x10 - Half one-car garage
  • 10x15 - Large bedroom
  • 10x20 - Single-car garage
  • 10x25 - Larger single-car garage
  • 10x30 - Double-car garage
  • 15x20 - Three-bedroom house
  • 20x20 - Four-bedroom house
  • 20x30 - Five-bedroom house
  • 30x30 - Extra-large storage / Warehouse space

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