A Guide to Living on Caledonian Road – Your Essential Neighborhood Companion

Caledonian Road is a thriving and vibrant hub situated in North London. This area of the city offers an array of features such as transportation options, intriguing food choices, exceptional shopping facilities and a close-knit sense of community that makes it attractive to all who visit or reside there. If you are interested in discovering what this captivating road has to offer, then “A Guide To Living On the Caledonian Road” will help you orient yourself within one corner of lively London!

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A Guide to Living on Caledonian Road – Your Essential Neighborhood Companion

Caledonian Road is a thriving and vibrant hub situated in North London. This area of the city offers an array of features such as transportation options, intriguing food choices, exceptional shopping facilities and a close-knit sense of community that makes it attractive to all who visit or reside there. If you are interested in discovering what this captivating road has to offer, then “A Guide To Living On the Caledonian Road” will help you orient yourself within one corner of lively London!

Old drawing of Caledonian Road in London

Explore this historic hub of the capital

Key takeaways

  • Explore Caledonian Road’s excellent public transport, shops, eateries and green spaces.
  • Find a home in North London with diverse housing options at an average price of £487,357.
  • Enjoy the vibrant community spirit with cultural hotspots and nightlife for locals & visitors alike!

Navigating Caledonian Road

Caledonian Road Storage Unit, Kings Cross London

Caledonian Road is blessed with a wide variety of convenient transportation options. The Piccadilly line runs straight through the area, and you can find quick access to King’s Cross from Caledonian Road tube station. Islington is also nearby, offering transportation links across London too. For easy bus connections travelling around North London, look no further than routes 29, 253, 153 or 91!

A walk down these streets will expose visitors to plenty of local flair – ranging from art displays on walls as well as abundant shops and cafes which give the road its distinct character. Upper Street isn’t far away for more interesting finds either. It’s close enough that guests don’t need public transit nor even their car should they prefer walking instead!

If that wasn’t quite relaxing enough already, then Highbury Fields To Regent’s Canal near Wharf Road offers an escape into nature right within minutes being just steps away! For those who wish to take advantage of what other parts cities have to offer, there are always national trains running out Kings Cross/St Pancras stations, both conveniently located very close by.

Overall this part brings together all fantastic things so let your journey begin today at the Canadian Road and explore north london while wandering lovely quaint roads filled with delicious food stops along the way plus eye-catching street murals full of beauty!

The heart of North London – Residential living

Caledonian Road Properties for Sale, Moving Home Storage

Discover the North East of London through the Caledonian Road – a lively street offering diverse real estate options. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, this area is home to many charming old-style buildings as well as modern dwellings. Ensuring that everyone can find their ideal property here. Head down north and explore what there is on offer from one end of the road right across to its other side!

For sale

Those searching for a property to buy in Caledonian Road can expect an array of options. This area is more expensive, especially when it comes to Victorian terraces compared with Islington and Barnsbury districts. The median sale price stands at £487,357 making it desirable among people who are fond of strolling around the neighbourhood.

You will find various types of residences on this road from flats beside Pentonville Road through apartments up to single family houses. Londoners appreciate its advantageous position close by central areas as well as local amenities which make Caledonian Road an attractive spot both for young professionals seeking opportunity and families aiming long-term comfortability. To check out what’s available Rightmove or Zoopla offer comprehensive listings concerning properties listed along there, including some near Regent’s Canal.

To Rent

For those looking to rent, there an extensive selection of options. Usually, the price tag per week sits around £704 and some locations are situated close to Hemingford Street. There’s something for everyone in this vibrant neighbourhood with houses, bungalows, flats or terraced properties available as well as apartments within reasonable access to council flats nearby too.

Highbury and Islington have proven popular residential areas amongst people living close by. Partly due to offering great local services such as parks while providing excellent transport links at the same time, making them suitable choices when it comes to renting nearer caledonian road. Similar destinations like Barnsbury Holloway Clerkenwell Kentish. Town also provides tenants plenty of reasons why they should be top picks in terms of selecting nearby streets that offer similar amenities from Highbury/Islington.

Culinary delights and eateries

Caledonian Road in London is an excellent culinary destination offering a variety of eateries and pubs to tantalize taste buds. Popular restaurants include Hemingford Arms, Sunday Cafe & Restaurant, Southpaw and The Cuckoo N1, the last being rated as one of the best local spots for dining. Canonbury. Tavern also offers delicious roast lunches on Sundays with its garden providing a beautiful retreat from city life. Alcedo’s friendly staff makes their carefully crafted dishes stand out from others in this area.

As night falls, the Caledonian road does not disappoint. You will find lively bars, cozy pubs and club venues where locals come together after dark such as Little Bat or Egg London at Hemingford arms which are always popular haunts attracting visitors who wish to mingle and unwind away from home crowds making it truly part of local culture. No matter what your preference, there’s something here that satisfies everyone along this vibrant stretch by day or night, cafes, restaurants whatever takes people’s fancy, they can expect quality vibes all around them while visiting Caledonian road london!

Shopping and local amenities

Shopping and local amenities

Living in Caledonian Road, London provides easy access to a range of local amenities and shopping opportunities. Barnsbury Hall, Drink Shop & Do, Tada & Do. Toy as well as Sainsbury’s Waitrose Partners Nisa Local and Tesco Express Co-op are all part of the bustling scene on this road. Perfect for finding everything from day-to-day essentials to more unique items. For those looking for vintage or thrift shopping options, there is Word On The Water - The London Bookbarge D&A Binder Blue17 Vintage Hellenic Bookservice too! And if it’s something handmade you’re after then House Of Morocco offers artisanal products that won’t disappoint. No matter your tastes or preferences, there truly is something special awaiting on the Caledonian Road – making living here an absolute delight!

Green spaces and recreation

Green spaces and recreation

Caledonian Road provides a wealth of recreational activities and green spaces for visitors to enjoy. From parks, gardens and outdoor venues full of leisure pursuits, there are plenty of places perfect for relaxing in the area such as Barnsbury Square, Mountfort Crescent and Thornhill Square. For nature enthusiasts looking to explore more rural areas close by Islington North is home to Barnsbury Wood Nature Reserve as well as Barnard Park which provide quiet oases away from city life.

For those that prefer sporting activities, Cally Pool located on Caledonian Road offers swimming lessons along with water aerobics, aqua Zumba classes plus diving tuition amongst other fitness courses. The community facility has long been part of the local culture having first opened its doors back 1980 after it was demolished then rebuilt once again sometime afterwards. Those who wish glimpse into some historic buildings can head over to Mitford Terrace or Mitford crescent both have differing styles showcasing various eras architectural characteristics.

Education and schools

Caledonian Road near Camden School in London is home to several educational institutions. North London Tutorial College, Robert Blair School, Thornhill Primary and Laycock Primary are the most highly rated schools in the area offering public education opportunities. Those looking for private schooling have many options such as Dallington school, The Children’s House and St Paul’s Steiner which offer quality learning resources that cater to all children no matter their individual needs or special education requirements. City & Islington college also provides vocational courses so students can acquire academic knowledge at a higher level if they choose too.

Cultural hotspots and nightlife

Caledonian Road, situated in London’s Islington borough, is a cultural melting pot. Offering something for both residents and visitors alike. From the Pleasance Theatre to Almeida. Theater hosting plays and musicals of all types – there’s plenty to explore!

Art enthusiasts are well catered for with Cob Studios & Gallery as well as Estorick Collection among others exhibiting local talent alongside international acts.

When night sets over Caledonian Road its lively atmosphere comes alive inviting you to experience unique evening out, be it dancing at Tipsy or Egg London clubbing spots alternatively winding down at cozy bars like The Number 9 Society Bar or The Caledonian Club pub scene which will cater to your every need. It really has everyone covered no matter what activity you choose!

Community spirit and local groups

Caledonian Road, located in North London, is home to an eclectic mix of individuals and a vibrant community spirit. As well as being renowned for its activism heritage, the area boasts of various groups and social organizations with diverse interests such as gay rights counselling, pacifism, Tibetan Buddhism and prisoner family support. Every year this neighbourhood comes alive during The Cally Festival, which attracts over 7 thousand guests enjoying music, art exhibitions, dance performances, sports activities, and food stalls, illustrating why it’s popularly known locally as “The Road”. For those wishing to make even more meaningful connections within their local scene, there are several options available like Tipsy & Egg Dance Clubs or the Caledonian Club featuring sessions from ‘Number 9 Society’ - all found nearby on North/South London sites too like Meetup where you can connect up with friends whether they are part of South or Northern Friends circles!

Property insights

Caledonian Road offers numerous benefits for potential property buyers and renters. It boasts a prime location, excellent connectivity to other parts of London, as well as vibrant community life with various amenities. The average price of housing in this area stands at £487 357 with available options ranging from flats to duplexes and apartments. There are some historic buildings that add character, such as an Italianate Methodist Chapel on the Caledonian Estate nearby. Prices have risen over recent years making it an attractive choice for investors who wish to purchase property here due to its many advantages listed above, including outstanding transport links plus diverse leisure activities found throughout the local neighbourhood.

Historical charm and modern development

Green spaces and recreation

Caledonian Road, located in North London, is steeped in history and can be traced back to the Chalk Road that passed through Copenhagen Fields. In 1861 it was renamed for the Royal Caledonian Asylum, which provided care for families of Scottish servicemen injured or killed while on duty.

Today, this area has become a lively modern neighborhood full of life with recent additions such as Lewis Carroll’s children’s library and Kings Place concert hall producing an atmosphere both historically intriguing and contemporaryly vibrant all at once- making the Caledonian road a desirable spot among those seeking new digs. The evolution from livestock market to thriving center overflows upper street with diversity and culture. Transforming north london into an ever more robust destination every day, giving locals ample opportunities to engage nearby attractions creating quite captivating home experience here along the famous caledonia street!

Connectivity and commuting

Caledonian Road is a great location for London residents, being located just one mile away from the city’s centre. With excellent connectivity to other parts of town and beyond, commuters have multiple options when it comes to public transport such as buses and underground trains. Travelling times can vary depending on where you need to get, but this road provides easy access even into major business areas in London with its extensive transportation system available including taxis.

Those looking for an eco-friendly morning commute should make use of OurBike’s bike sharing services that are offered at Caledonian Road through their E-scooter clinic cafe, by registering here locals or businesses rent bikes per hour allowing them to leisurely explore the area while two wheeling around!

Overall, the Caledonian Road certainly has advantages over many locations due to its proximity to central London and ease of access across various means. Making sure everyone who lives here gets anywhere quickly without disruption!

Safety and security

Caledonian Road is very aware of its responsibility to provide safe and secure residences for their residents. The crime rate in the area stands at 114.2 per thousand population, rated as 4 out of 10 according to safety levels, relatively low when compared with other areas nearby. Local authorities are actively taking steps towards improving security by making pedestrian and roadways near Offord Road safer. They're also inspecting buildings within Caledonian Road regularly along with a dedicated police presence providing regular patrols onsite which allows its inhabitants peace of mind that they can feel secure where they live.

There are various self-storage facilities around this locality so people living here have access to extra storage solutions if needed for their belongings without any fear or worries over losing them due to insecurity issues like theft or burglary attempts from outside parties.

Now you're well-equipped to explore Caledonian Road!

Caledonian Road in North London is a remarkable and lively place to live, full of interesting history, culture and modern amenities. Offering great transport options with an array of housing choices, it has become quite popular amongst foodies while keeping its strong sense of community intact. Renting or buying property here opens up opportunities for work as well as recreation – so if you’re looking for that special something within the boundaries of this iconic north road then look no further!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any self-storage facilities near Caledonian Road?

Yes, there are several self-storage facilities located near Caledonian Road. These offer secure storage solutions for both personal and business needs, providing residents with additional space for their belongings. For more details about HOLD storage and other options, check them out here.

What is Caledonian Road famous for?

Caledonian Road is a place renowned for its mix of cultures and includes an array of cafes, restaurants, shops, plus the presence of Housmans Bookshop. It houses charities centering on gay rights defence as well as campaigns to promote pacifism and support prisoners’ causes.

What area is Caledonian Road?

Caledonian Road, more commonly known as the Cally, is a north-south route located in London’s Borough of Islington. It connects North London from Camden Road near its junction with Holloway Road west, to Pentonville Road in the south.

It is part of the A5203 and has been an iconic focal point for the area since 1852.

What are some popular dining spots in Caledonian Road?

For a great dining experience, check out some of the popular restaurants on Caledonian Road like Hemingford Arms, Sunday Cafe & Restaurant and Southpaw or another great place, The Cuckoo N1.

How far is Caledonian Road from central London?

Caledonian Road is located just a mere one mile from the heart of London. It’s an easy road journey away.

Are there any green spaces in the area?

The Barnsbury area offers a variety of natural environments, such as Barnard Park and the wooded reserve land of Barnsbury Wood Nature Reserve. There are several green spaces available like Mountfort Terrace and Thornhill Square along with both Crescent & Terrace variations on ‘Barnsbury’ name giving you even more ways to enjoy an outdoor experience in this locality.

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