Unveiling the Secrets of Granary Square—A Hidden Gem in King's Cross

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through Granary Square, exploring its historical significance, diverse dining scene, picturesque Regent’s Canal, event hosting capabilities, and family-friendly activities. Come along as we uncover the allure of this charming King’s Cross destination!

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Unveiling the Secrets of Granary Square—A Hidden Gem in King's Cross

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through Granary Square, exploring its historical significance, diverse dining scene, picturesque Regent’s Canal, event hosting capabilities, and family-friendly activities. Come along as we uncover the allure of this charming King’s Cross destination!

Granary Square, London

Explore this wonderful, relaxing spot near Kings Cross

Hidden amidst the bustling King’s Cross area lies the enchanting Granary Square, a delightful destination just waiting to be discovered. From its rich history and prestigious art school connections to its vibrant culinary scene, Granary Square offers an experience like no other. So, are you ready to unveil the secrets of this captivating London gem?

Key takeaways

  • Discover Granary Square: a bustling hub of history, creativity and art in King’s Cross.
  • Explore the area with its restaurants, cafés and Central Saint Martins campus set along Regent’s Canal.
  • Enjoy family fun activities like interactive fountains and playgrounds for lasting memories!

Discover Granary Square – A bustling hub in King's Cross

A bustling hub in King's Cross, London

Granary Square is a central hub situated in the heart of King’s Cross, which seamlessly combines culture, history and an abundance of food outlets. It was formerly part of the Goods Yard complex but has now become home to Central Saint Martins, attracting both locals and tourists alike. Being near St Pancras it offers picturesque views along Regent’s Canal. When you explore this destination, visitors will be able to find themselves surrounded by local artistry while having access to world class restaurants around them as well as being immersed in its extensive cultural heritage. Granary Square really does make for a perfect day out or evening visit!

The history of Granary Square

Granary Square has been an integral part of the King’s Cross Goods Yard since 1852, originally used for storing wheat from Lincolnshire. The iconic Granary Building remains largely unchanged on the exterior and acts as a tribute to its past while also providing a dynamic gathering point for members of the local community today. This is all thanks to one of Europe’s most ambitious urban regeneration projects that helped transform this historic spot into what it is now, fusing old with new design elements in perfect harmony.

Central Saint Martins connection

Central Saint Martins art school has an intrinsic link to Granary Square - its main campus is located in the Grade II-listed Granary Building which overlooks the square and Regent’s Canal. The college moved there back in 2011, bringing a rich arts culture for people from near and far alike to explore.

The presence of Central Saint Martin’s contributes significantly towards developing the identity of Granary Square as it actively organizes various “Unannounced Acts of Publicness” projects along with collaborations that involve industry partners. This creative atmosphere regularly brings visitors around the globe who wish discover this unique area where history meets modernity while also featuring stunning pieces inspired by artistic concepts.

The culinary scene – Restaurants and cafés in Granary Square

A restaurant in Granary Square, King's Cross

Granary Square offers a diverse selection of eating options to please any food enthusiast. Visitors can find cozy brunch spots, coffee shops boasting artisanal beverages and eateries offering menu items made with locally sourced ingredients seasonally available in the area. A host of restaurants are on offer for those seeking out anything from quick snacks while exploring attractions nearby or lavish dinners alike, Granary Square has it all! An impressive array of dining establishments makes certain you will never lack tantalizing choices during your stay here.

Brunch spots and coffee houses

Visiting one of the beloved restaurants or coffee shops in Granary Square is a great way to start your day. Popular eateries include Caravan, Granary Square Brasserie, Lina Stores, Morty & Bob’s and Dishoom, as well as The Lighterman and Vinoteca for something special. Every restaurant has its own unique feel and menu that makes it an unforgettable dining experience.

If you’re looking specifically for coffee during your visit, then Redemption Roasters followed by Wildcard are two favorites among those who come here – perfect spots to indulge in their incredible lattes while also having some time out with a book if desired. There’s no doubt starting off at any of these places will give you energy enough to explore all there is on offer around Granary Square!

Seasonal menus and fresh ingredients

The restaurants of Granary Square specialize in offering warm, home-cooked meals featuring seasonal dishes with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Whether you are looking for a salad or an elaborate meal, they have something to suit every taste. Not only that, but the attention given to sustainability makes it possible for patrons to dine while also supporting their local community and environment at the same time! Check out their menu page to find out about all the latest offers - filled with mouthwatering selections from British-European cuisine.

Regent's Canal – A scenic waterway in King's Cross

A scenic waterway in King's Cross, London

Granary Square is enhanced by the stunning Regent’s Canal, which winds through Kings Cross, an area once controlled by kings. First opened in 1820 for transporting coal and other goods to fuel London’s industrial period, it has now been transformed into a peaceful oasis allowing visitors a moment of relaxation from their city lives. As you wander along its path, one will come across boats such as narrowboats, traditional canal barges and even refurbished houseboats that are used either as transportation or residences on the waterway today. All these features together make this rich historic site offer so much beauty that Granary Square showcases each day.

Canal-side attractions and activities

The canal at Granary Square presents visitors with a range of attractions to explore, suitable for all ages. From kayaking on the calm waters to finding Little Venice’s enchanting sights, there is something enjoyable for everyone here.

Popular stops along Regent’s Canal include Camden Lock and Garden Centre, Camley Street Park, King’s Place London Canal Museum, Islington Boat Club as well as The Narrow Boat Pub, making sure that your experience around the square offers great memories.

This remarkable waterway provides an enthralling way of discovering what lies in store within Granary Square and its surroundings.

Waterside dining and drinking

A stunning view of the Granary Square while enjoying waterside dining and drinking

Regent’s Canal in London is a great place to experience delicious dining or have fun with drinks. From romantic restaurants like The Warwick Castle and Bridge House, to more casual bars such as Lockside and Liquorette, this destination has it all! Plus, many establishments offer outdoor seating so you can take advantage of their picturesque canal views while enjoying your meal. Home also holds places such as Kateh and Summerhouse which are known for their top-rated food services accompanied by exquisite waterscape views from aboard “The Prince Regent”. With something available for everyone, whether you’re looking for a date night spot or an enjoyable afternoon out. There is no better way than at Regents Canal that provides an unforgettable venue perfect just right for your needs.

Hosting events in Granary Square - Spaces and services

A events space in Granary Square, King's Cross

Granary Square is an impressive site for hosting a private or corporate function due to its advantageous location and range of services. The London Square by the bank of Regent’s Canal provides plenty of room, while The Lighterman gives breathtaking sights like no other place in the area. Granary Square Brasserie allows you to have your special event amidst high-end ambiance and facilities.

The square is also suited for larger celebrations too. It has all that’s required whether organising a big celebration or a more modest occasion. You can be sure that whatever type of gathering you plan at this venue will run smoothly with expert assistance from Granary Square staff members on hand throughout your stay there.

Types of event spaces

Granary Square offers a wide variety of event locations to suit any occasion or group size. From sizable open-air squares, intimate lounges, and exclusive dining areas with gorgeous views, there is something for every gathering.

The capacity of each venue varies from hosting up to 34 seated guests all the way up to 60 people on their feet - no matter what your needs are, Granary Square has an excellent space that will ensure an amazing experience both you and your attendees alike!

Services and amenities

Granary Square, with its wide range of event venues, provides a hassle-free experience for everyone thanks to the many services and amenities offered. These include an onsite visitor centre where visitors can access free WiFi as well as have access to parking options. Toilets and changing facilities along with bike hire and cycling storage spots. To top it off, there are numerous restaurants available nearby that provide tasty food during your visit or event. Granary Square offers helpful assistance when planning an occasion such as catering services while still making sure all safety regulations are met through their dedicated team tasked with maintaining cleanliness throughout the square area too! With these extensive benefits provided by this picturesque location hosting any kind of gathering here is guaranteed success, leaving you only needing to worry about crafting memories for your guests which will never be forgotten!

Family-friendly fun – Activities and play areas in Granary Square

A family-friendly destination in Granary Square, King's Cross

Granary Square is a great spot for all ages to enjoy. The interactive fountains at the square are available from 8am until 8pm, providing plenty of fun and refreshment during warm days. There’s also an amazing water playground filled with luminous jets that add another level of excitement and pleasure. All these attractions make Granary Square the ideal destination for families who wish to spend their day engaging in enjoyable activities together.

Interactive fountains

For a truly remarkable time, Granary Square’s interactive fountains are the perfect destination. Children and families can spend their days playing and having fun in these refreshingly cool water features, creating lasting memories with their loved ones. The fountains are open from 8 am to 8 pm daily giving visitors plenty of time for an enjoyable day out at this popular attraction.

Safety is paramount at Granary Square’s interactive fountain area. Security guards patrol around while surveillance cameras continuously monitor the space making it safe for all who visit. So bring your family along and experience a wonderful afternoon filled with laughter, joy – plus lots of splashing!

Nearby attractions and playgrounds

Granary Square is an amazing place for families to enjoy, providing a range of activities and attractions nearby. Handyside Gardens is situated just off the square - it’s perfect for kids who can swing, climb and splash about in safety!

Alongside this fun-filled park are numerous other child friendly sites such as The Foundling Museum, British Library and Regent’s Park – all adding up to lots of entertainment options that create long lasting memories. Granary Square provides endless possibilities, making sure your family has plenty to do during their time here.

That wraps it up for our guide to granary square

Granary Square, located in King’s Cross by the renowned Central Saint Martins and scenic Regent’s Canal, offers an unforgettable experience of history, culture and entertainment. It is a unique destination for everyone to explore and create fond memories with their families during a leisurely day out.

The square has something special that could be discovered. So why not take some time off your busy life schedule to uncover its charm? Granary Square awaits you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Granary Square Brasserie?

Caprice Holdings, Inc. is the owner of two restaurants – The Ivy and Sexy Fish – as well as Granary Square Brasserie situated in the same location.

What is the history of the Granary Square building?

The Granary building was initially constructed in the early 1800s to accommodate storage of wheat from Lincolnshire for London’s bakers. Horse-driven cranes and hydraulic powered turntables were employed at this time to offload freight coming from railway carriages close by.

What is the dress code for Granary Square Brasserie?

Our dress code is quite flexible and relaxed. We do not accept tracksuits, football jerseys or baseball hats. Smart sneakers are allowed. This policy creates a comfortable yet professional atmosphere for everyone here.

What time are the fountains at Granary Square?

The fountains at Granary Square are available for the public from 8am until nightfall, closing their doors to visitors at 8pm.

What is Granary Square's connection to Central Saint Martins?

Central Saint Martins is positioned in the Granary Building, which stands on Granary Square. This combination of art and culture has fused this area together with its highly recognizable institution.

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