Top King's Cross Restaurants—A Royal Feast Awaits in London's Dining Hub

The dining scene of London has a lot to offer. Being located in King’s Cross, we've learnt a thing or two about where to get the best chow. The heart of London is a vibrant culinary delight where restaurants from different cultures await you! Here is the perfect spot for a delectable journey. Choose among an array of dishes around the globe and enjoy your royal feast in this culinary hub of London!

Kings Cross


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Top King's Cross Restaurants—A Royal Feast Awaits in London's Dining Hub

The dining scene of London has a lot to offer. Being located in King’s Cross, we've learnt a thing or two about where to get the best chow. The heart of London is a vibrant culinary delight where restaurants from different cultures await you! Here is the perfect spot for a delectable journey. Choose among an array of dishes around the globe and enjoy your royal feast in this culinary hub of London!

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Looking for the best place to eat in Kings Cross? We've got you covered!

Key takeaways

  • Explore King’s Cross for a royal feast of Middle Eastern, European & Asian cuisine
  • Enjoy outdoor dining spots like Plaza Pastor and The Lighterman with live DJ sets
  • Start your morning right with unique dishes from Dishoom or all day brunch at Granger & Co

King's Cross dining destinations

Dining Kings Cross

King’s Cross has been changed into a gastronomic haven, with some of the top restaurants in town. From flavourful Middle Eastern dishes to the hidden gems at Coal Drops Yard and eateries conveniently located close to King’s Cross Station, you will find an option for any appetite here.

Middle Eastern delights

Experience the tastes of the Middle East right in King’s Cross with some of its finest eateries. One you should not miss is Coal Office, a stylish restaurant that offers an exceptional menu full of unique dishes crafted from fresh ingredients and aromatic spices inspired by traditional recipes. Shawarma served over bone marrow and roasted aubergine paired with tahini can be expected here - every food-lover will enjoy this place!

For another delicious dining experience, visit Arabica for Levantine flavors as they serve up all sorts of tasty meals such as kofte or shish kebabs plus their special ‘Spring Freekeh’ – smoked green wheat risotto guaranteed to leave your mouth watering.

Coal Drops Yard gems

Coal Drops Restaurants

Coal Drops. Yard is an ideal destination for foodies and boasts a plethora of eateries with diverse flavours and styles. One highly recommended restaurant at the yard is Casa Pastor, where visitors can savor delightful Mexican delicacies such as pork shoulder and pineapple or sea bass dishes. Besides its delectable cuisine, it also has quite the vibrant atmosphere which makes it worth visiting!

Barrafina brings Spain to Coal Drops. Yard via their authentic Spanish cooking accompanied by fine wine – tortilla paired with caramelised onions along with squid on rice are some must-try items here. And if you’re feeling up for something more piquant, there’s Kaki (reopening Spring 2024) whose Sichuan fare includes chilli fried chicken drenched in numbing peppercorns among other spiced delights, all these combine together giving this place great potential making those who visit never regret coming to Coal Drops Yard!

Close to the station

Just a hop away from London’s King’s Cross Station, you’ll find delicious food options suited to all types of palates. For something extraordinary, take an excursion over to Decimo and savour the flavour combinations between Spanish and Mexican cuisines. Just around Stable Street in a traditional atmosphere sits Merkato–home of hot or mild lamb with assorted vegetarian sides. It has become known for its unusual dishes plus a quintessential British dining experience.

On top of that, Addis supplies Ethiopian meals like tibs, meaty delights such as kitfo ordered any way desired – great if you are short on time but don’t want to sacrifice quality! If hunger strikes hard at Pizza Union or Beer & Burger Store nearby, there will be no disappointment - they each provide first-rate fast eats without breaking your wallet when dinnertime rolls around near the station district again.

A taste of Europe

Food lovers rejoice! King’s Cross brings the flavours of Europe to you. From mouth-watering Spanish creations and French cooking styles to Italian gastronomy, there is something for everyone here. Let us tell you more about what this city’s dining hub has in store:

European cuisine options abound at King’s Cross - savour signature specialities from Spain, France and Italy with each bite while enjoying a true taste of the continent close by home.

Spanish sensations

Spanish Restaurants Kings Cross

If you’re looking for a delicious Spanish cuisine experience in King’s Cross, then look no further. Barrafina is a restaurant renowned for its delectable menu of dishes such as morcilla croquetas and pan con tomate while Padron peppers and Patatas Bravas are also popular favourites. The Arroz Negro with Iberian pork ribs served alongside artichoke romesco should definitely be tried when dining at this spanish style eatery.

Just around the corner, Parrillan offers outdoor grilling right from your table - it’s definitely worth exploring! This enjoyable option allows diners to fully engage themselves throughout their meal, making sure each bite packs that extra flavour punch along with traditional recipes found on the menu. Last but certainly not least, why not pop over to Sherry bar Bar Pepito where Gonzáles Byass offers some great sherries perfectly suited to accompany any course or dish?

French flair

Visit Aux Pains de Papy for a taste of 70 years worth of European heritage baking. Mathieu Esposito, the founder and grandson of Honoré, opened this bakery in order to share his grandpa’s traditional recipes with everyone. Here you can find delightful French pastries like butter croissants, chocolate breads or raisin buns all freshly baked just for you!

For an even more sophisticated dining experience head over to The Midland Grand Dining Room near Kings Cross station boasting Parisian inspired décor as well as classic French cuisine such steak tartare or roast chicken – perfect for those special occasions when only quality counts! Enjoy vol-au-vent dishes featuring veal sweetbreads alongside other remarkable flavours like pâté en croute paired with snails deliciously cooked up by their seasoned chefs.

Italian indulgence

If you’re looking for Italian cuisine, King’s Cross offers numerous restaurants to choose from. Lina Stores provides an array of classic dishes like Tonno Tonnato and Gamberoni alla Griglia as well as unique ones such as Rondini con Granchio e Capesante or Cavolo Arrosto e Pinoli. Casa Tua King’s Cross serves up traditional pasta dishes with British free-range eggs blended in which adds a special flavour and texture unlike any other dish around. Pizza Union also caters to those craving pizza by providing Roman style pies cooked in wood fired brick ovens that are fast yet tasty, not to mention economical!

Asian fusion in King's Cross

Food lovers have an opportunity to explore the wide variety of Asian flavours available in King’s Cross. From vegan Japanese cuisine, Korean delicacies and Sri Lankan specialties, this area is a true paradise for those passionate about dishes from across Asia.

Let us take you on a deeper journey into these amazing culinary offerings!

Vegan Japanese haven

Japanese food Kings Cross

A must-visit for a one of a kind vegan cuisine experience is Itadaki Zen near King’s Cross Road. The tranquil environment there serves dishes made from all organic components such as soya beans, seaweeds, roots and rice, whether you desire something mild or hot.

The best part? A perfect spot to begin the day with wholesome morning meals - they open early at 8:00 AM!

Korean comfort food

Visiting King’s Cross? Kimchee is the place to go for delicious Korean cuisine. They have a wide selection of dishes ranging from udon and Dwenjang Jjigae to mouth-watering beef rib eye, plus an option for customers who want to grill their own food. The restaurant menu features halal certified options too, so everyone can enjoy!

Sri Lankan surprises

If you’re after something a bit different, take a culinary journey to Sri Lanka at Hoppers King’s Cross. This eatery serves up delectable coastal-style fare such as bone marrow varuval, Jaffna lamb chops with black pepper and curry leaf, scrumptious sticky grilled prawns and kari of blue swimmer crab. The drinks menu is just as mouthwatering – featuring unique concoctions like green papaya highballs, sour swizzles or the ‘Mangrove Dream’ prepared using vermouth gin lemongrass tamarind mix.

Alfresco dining and social spots

From Plaza Pastor with its vibrant atmosphere to the peaceful setting of The Lighterman, King’s Cross has a great selection of al fresco dining and social spots where you can enjoy your meal outdoors. With these varied options in mind, let’s explore some of the area’s best places for outdoor eating experiences.

Plaza Pastor

Plaza Pastor

Plaza Pastor, located at Coal Drops Yard, is renowned for its lively outdoor atmosphere that mirrors the Borough Market experience. At Plaza Pastor, you can savor Mexican street food such as tacos and tostadas or partake in some shareable plates, all of which cater to different palettes. The dining space boasts a bar area, kitchen section plus seating capacity for 100 patrons replicating an indoor eating environment alfresco style!

With live DJ sets and more than just nourishment on offer – it’s truly a place where one can not only fill their stomach but also soak up the vibes!

Granger & Co

Set in close proximity to King’s Cross station, Granger & Co is a restaurant that transports diners back in time. With its themed interior inspired by 1970s and 1980s railway ristorantes combined with an international cuisine consisting of lentil salad with burrata, beetroot-topped croutons, sweetcorn fritters alongside poached eggs paired with smoked salmon. It offers something quite unique for the dining scene at Kings’ Cross.

Their menu provides options throughout the day from brunch choices such as hotcakes or shrimp burgers to parmesan-crumbed chicken schnitzel, all served outdoors while taking delight in overlooking a tranquil piazza scenery.

Granger & Co. Co brings together vintage vibes and modern food making it stand out amongst its peers near King’s Cross Station!

The Lighterman

At The Lighterman, which is situated along the banks of a canal and was inspired by Victorian workers with that name, diners can enjoy freshly cooked dishes such as smoked trout served with tangy mayo or beer-battered fish & chips. As well as having various drinks including classic cocktails, wines and beers on offer, there are also non-alcoholic options available too!

Take in the breathtaking views of Granary Square while enjoying your meal outside on their waterside terrace - you won’t regret it!

Breakfast and brunch bites

Start your day off with some delicious breakfast and brunch options from King’s Cross! At Dishoom, enjoy a savory morning menu. Granger & Co. Co offers all-day brunches while Morty & Bob’s has the grilled cheese specialties. Our article will feature these tasty morning meals so you won’t have to miss out on anything.

Dishoom's Morning Delights

Dishoom, a Bombay-inspired eatery, provides an unusual and spicy selection of breakfast dishes that are sure to be the perfect start to your day. Must-try options include bacon naan, vada pav, keema pav and lamb nihari, all guaranteed to add some pep into your morning!

The Bacon Naan is truly a heavenly combination combining West and East – using ingredients such as flour, salt baking powder sugar milk water tomato chili jam cream cheese eggs cilantro and obviously bacon. It’s something you can’t find elsewhere on any menu!

For those seeking more substantial fare for their early hours mealtime, why not try out one of our famous beef fillets? Deliciously cooked, it will leave you wanting more each time. So don’t wait up. Dishoom serves these mouthwatering breakfasts every morning from dawn till dusk.

Granger & Co's All-Day Brunch

Granger & Co's All-Day Brunch

At Granger & Co, their all-day brunch menu offers an ideal solution for indecisive days when you can’t choose between breakfast and lunch. Popular among locals and tourists alike are the ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter topped off with banana - one of many outstanding dishes from this acclaimed eatery’s menu that has delighted diners. Other standouts include shrimp burgers plus parmesan crumbed chicken schnitzel.

Morty & Bob's Grilled Cheese

Morty & Bob’s is a favourite for people who enjoy breakfast and it’s easy to understand why. Their famous Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Ham. To the appetising Mushroom and Truffle grilled cheese sandwiches complete with cooked mushrooms topped off by truffle oil have earned them heaps of compliments from their diners. Not forgetting they also offer an array of coffee selections you can choose from when having your meal there.

Their generous servings combined with distinctive flavour combinations mean Morty & Bob’s are consistently receiving praise for their delicious creations!

Have fun on your culinary quest!

If you’re a fan of food, then King’s Cross is the ideal destination to explore and indulge! With an array of cuisines including Middle Eastern dishes, Asian fusion meals as well as European flavours, it caters for all kinds. Breakfast people may enjoy its various options while brunch enthusiasts can sample whatever they crave. With every kind of dining experience available too. So why not take a culinary journey through this gastronomic hub next time? And If you're on the search for a great cup of coffee, or looking for travel destinations our King's Cross guides have you covered!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best restaurants in King's Cross?

King’s Cross in London boasts a selection of top-notch eateries, such as Lina Stores, Dishoom, The Lighterman and Morty & Bob’s Grilled Cheese from Granger & Co.

Where can I find vegan options in King's Cross?

If you’re in King’s Cross and searching for vegan options, Lina Stores offers dishes made of buckwheat pasta as well as Itadaki Zen with their Japanese food cooked using rice flour.

I'm a fan of European cuisine. What are some good restaurants in King's Cross?

For fans of European cuisine, King’s Cross provides a wide variety of tasty dishes. Lina Stores serves up Italian delicacies, The Midland Grand Dining Room offers traditional French fare and Barrafina is the place to go for Spanish specialties.

Are there any good breakfast spots in King's Cross?

Yes, there are some great breakfast spots in King’s Cross - Dishoom, Granger & Co and Morty & Bob’s.

I'm looking for alfresco dining options in King's Cross. Any recommendations?

If you’re looking for great outdoor dining spots in King’s Cross, then Plaza Pastor and Granger & Co are well worth checking out. The Lighterman is another option that won’t leave you disappointed either! All of these places provide an unforgettable alfresco experience - so make sure to pay them a visit next time you find yourself around this area.

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