Streamline Your Space—Top Strategies for Achieving a Thoroughly Decluttered Home

Clutter can be a real pain, affecting not only your organisation but your mood and wellbeing too. In this guide, we'll walk you through our tips for achieving a tidy sanctuary.



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Streamline Your Space—Top Strategies for Achieving a Thoroughly Decluttered Home

Clutter can be a real pain, affecting not only your organisation but your mood and wellbeing too. In this guide, we'll walk you through our tips for achieving a tidy sanctuary.

Tidy, modern living room

Time to take back control and make your home a haven!

Experience the advantages of a neat, orderly home with ease. From decluttering to maintaining a clutter-free home, our straightforward guide provides you with all the tools and approaches necessary to get rid of mess without superfluousness. Clear out your space and bask in the beauty that comes from not being surrounded by clutter!

Key takeaways

  • Start small with decluttering to prevent feeling overwhelmed, and use organising tools like storage boxes to maintain a clutter-free space that boosts mood and productivity.
  • Decluttering is not just about organising items, but also about letting go; assess whether items truly add value to your life and whether they are the best, favourite, or necessary with tips like the 90/90 rule.
  • Maintain a clutter-free home as a lifestyle change by establishing decluttering routines, avoiding piling new items, and involving the whole family to keep your space organized over time.

The Importance of a decluttered home

Decluttering your home with storage

Have you ever wondered why professional organisers are so passionate about decluttering? The secret is that a well-ordered home can completely transform your living space, making it more functional and engaging. Going through the items of your room piece by piece will provide an enjoyable lifestyle that appreciates quality over quantity. To avoid feeling weighed down by too many changes at once, try starting in one small area and moving to bigger areas later on, this method has been touted as an effective decluttering tip!

When done properly, cleansing your personal environment could give rise to positive effects for both mental health and productivity gains. Consider entering into a neatened up abode after working all day: instantly there would be less stress present since everything was already organised, which allows people to concentrate better while doing their tasks faster.

With tools like storage boxes or other organising aids available nowadays keeping spaces free from clutter should not pose much difficulty anymore. Boosting morale along with efficiency eventually leading to having a restful refuge instead of another chore waiting to be completed every time you step inside!

The psychology behind clutter

Clutter has a profound effect on our mental state. It can make us feel overwhelmed, cause stress and procrastination. Many people don’t recognise that clutter may represent deeper issues like depression or low self-esteem which consequently affects their productivity levels negatively.

To gain more control of your living space with the added benefit of decluttering one’s life, try incorporating some helpful decluttering tips such as making use of wall spaces for storage solutions in order to stay organised and keep those areas free from unnecessary messes related items such as old receipts piles of unread books or clothes you no longer wear. In case this feels too overwhelming, it is best to look into getting help from a professional organiser who will be able to assist you through the process effectively without disregarding important facts about yourself along the way.

Room-by-room decluttering guide

Declutter room by room

If you’re eager to get started on decluttering but don’t know where to begin, rest assured that breaking it down one room, by room is the way forward. Whether you’re dealing with a bedroom, kitchen or living space, every area has its own set of rules and demands for efficient clutter reduction. It may also be worth investing in furniture storage to ensure those larger items are kept in good condition (it will also help clear a space so organise your smaller items).

We suggest exploring this comprehensive guide towards a room-by-room approach in order to give your home an effective makeover! By using these tips, we are sure that simplifying your décor will no longer be something daunting, start now and see positive results soon!


Beginning with the bedroom, our personal refuge from chaos. An organised environment helps us to start and end each day rejuvenated. The initial step of this process involves getting rid of excessive clothes in your closet that you no longer need or use, making space for potential new belongings while avoiding a cascade when opening up its door. With less clutter around, it’ll also be easier to keep tidiness in both the laundry room as well as other areas within the house.

Now let’s talk about how one can achieve decluttering their cupboard! An effective way is by following these actions: Empty out all items completely first and foremost then put back only what you really want/need according to the 80/20 rule. You wear 20% of your wardrobe on rotation so keeping that fact at heart will make decision making easier too! Discard any clothing not used in over a year time frame followed by storing away seasonal garments or things having sentimental value into storage boxes.

Organising small details such as slim hangers along side drawer dividers & modular storage will help optimise vertical area which works wonders for creating Spaces elsewhere inside your home! Even sorting through bathroom cabinets should assist in fostering harmony throughout.


Organising the kitchen to become clutter-free is no small task. But, it can be done by taking one space at a time and grouping similar items together such as cooking utensils, baking supplies, and food wraps with labels for easy identification. To keep things organised, make sure all items are stored neatly in order maintain a spacious feel without any unnecessary plastic containers, get rid of them! As well as using clear containers to store your food products so you don’t end up wasting anything that may spoil before being used up properly.

Living rooms

The last thing to do start decluttering is create a clutter-free living area! A clear and cozy lounge can be used for leisure activities or simply catching up with friends. Start by disposing of any items that are not needed, such as tangled wires or trinkets you want out of the room. To De-clutter your space, throw away broken objects and store others in storage containers accordingly. Even relocate toys and dishes if they were misplaced elsewhere. This way we ensure our living rooms look neat while providing us with ample relaxation time anytime soon!

Smart storage solutions

Smart Storage is the key to decluttered living

Once you have successfully decluttered, it is important to choose proper household storage solutions. To ensure an orderly home environment and make the most of your space, using stackable drawers, baskets, bags dedicated for storage purposes as well storage bags such as moving boxes are all great options.

Mounting shelves on walls or over doors can not only help with keeping a clutter-free atmosphere, but will also add aesthetic value to wall space in any interior design scheme. And don’t forget about self-storage spaces if necessary, they come in handy when dealing with objects that could be kept since they remain useful yet no longer fit into the newly organised house layout.

Self-storage solutions to consider

If you’re searching for somewhere to store your belongings, HOLD Self-Storage London at Kings Cross is the perfect place. Offering convenient and secure storage services with competitive rates, this facility has everything that you need. From moving house or renovating to simply needing more space in general, they have something suitable no matter what your needs are!

Our prices suit any budget, and out customer service cannot be beat either! So if extra room is an issue, make sure you check out HOLD Self-Storage London – guaranteed satisfaction awaits all customers here!

The art of letting go – How to decide what to keep and what to discard

The art of letting go

Decluttering not only consists of organising, but also involves disposing of items. In order to decide what should be kept and discarded one can question if the item is optimal, a favourite or necessary. The 90/90 rule may come in handy. If it hasn’t been utilised within ninety days nor does it have an upcoming purpose for being used then it is time to let go.

When sentimental value surfaces regarding gifts or objects, emotions are involved that make letting them go more difficult-this moment reminds us who we were before rather than our present day self. Acknowledging these materials will find another good home helps ease this process as well.

Maintaining a clutter-free home

Declutter your home

Keeping a neat home can be tricky, but with some easy habits and rules in place it’s achievable. Make decluttering part of your everyday routine to keep the mess at bay - try having baskets around that are designated for sorting and throwing items out weekly or following a one-in/one out rule when it comes to storage solutions. This will help avoid chaos from building up within living spaces such as tables, counters, etc. Having flat surfaces clear is key too!

Having these small actions become second nature each day should make maintaining an orderly house much easier over time. Remember. Prevention is always better than cure so stave off untidiness before reaching its peak by doing little bits often enough until clutter doesn’t stand a chance!

Digital decluttering – Organising your virtual space

Organising and maintaining a space that is free of digital clutter can be very beneficial when it comes to productivity and stress levels. Getting rid of unnecessary data while organising your virtual room with folders having descriptive labels should become part of the regular routine in order to achieve this state.

Limiting distractions such as notifications or overuse online will also make sure there are no more obstacles within our storage area. Consider some positive outcomes from decluttering digitally like: increased work efficiency, better focus, less wasted memory capacity, all leading up to reduced tension along with mental peace!

Involving the whole family in the decluttering process

The decluttering process doesn’t have to be a boring chore. Making it an interactive activity can make the experience more fun for everyone involved. Here are some tips:

  • Set a timer and race against time with friends or family members as you sort through items in your house. This will encourage competition!
  • Why not create scavenger hunt where each person is tasked with finding certain objects around the home? It’ll get people working together while making sure nothing gets left behind during sorting sessions.

Involve children too, they don’t need to miss out on organising activities. Giving kids small tasks such as putting away toys, arranging bookshelves, or helping do laundry helps them understand the value of being organised and orderly at home!

Repurposing and upcycling – Giving new life to old items

Instead of discarding old garments such as those which are out-of-season, upcycling can be a great way to donate clothes and infuse them with new life. By using creative ideas and following websites like DIY Candy, Pebble Magazine or Genny Chia’s blog for inspiration – personalised items can become fashionable again! Upcycled clothes not only look unique, but also benefit the environment through more sustainable means compared to disposing of something outdated.

Donating and recycling responsibly

When you invest in new furnishings, think about donating the old ones. It can help to declutter and also provide a much needed resource for someone else’s life. Furnishing Futures is an East London based charity which does just that by taking unwanted furniture and using it to equip homes with what they need most. Not only has your money been spent on updated items, but the opportunity has opened up for somebody who otherwise would not receive such generosity of donated goods!

Consider all options before discarding something away. Donate if you’re able or recycle as best as possible - both ways making positive contributions towards creating more sustainable environments while being mindful when organising spaces at home.

HOLD – Taking the "clutter" out of decluttering

Understanding the effects of clutter and mastering how to effectively declutter your home can lead you towards a more organised life. Start by reclaiming your space with smart storage solutions that are suitable for each room in order to create an environment which reflects who you truly are. Involve family members too, as when successfully tackling messiness it will result in improved overall wellbeing beyond just having a tidy home - the act of ‘decluttering’ itself carries many advantages from being both liberating and calming all at once.

HOLD can be your ally during this period, taking the stress out of what can be a difficult process. Based in King's Cross London, our cutting-edge storage facility will keep your possessions secure while you get your home order. Our short-term self storage solutions will keep your furniture, tools, prize possessions, and documents in perfect condition. Reach out to us today for your exclusive offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it decluttered or uncluttered?

When it comes to organizing, understanding the distinction between declutter and unclutter is essential. Decluttering refers specifically to getting rid of mess or clutter, while tidying up with uncluttering focuses more on organization and reorganizing spaces that may not be messy. It’s important to know which term best fits your needs so you can make sure all your belongings are neatly stored!

What is a synonym for the word decluttered?

Another word for “decluttered” is “simplified” or “streamlined.” It helps to disentangle and make things simpler.

How do you stay decluttered?

To retain a tidy atmosphere, use the one-in and one-out rule by removing something whenever you bring in an item. This will ensure that your living area is not overwhelmed with messiness. Do not rely on your dwelling as a storage facility to prevent clutter from accumulating over time. With these strategies being employed constantly, it should help maintain orderly conditions inside of your home!

Why is decluttering important for mental health and productivity?

Decluttering has many benefits for mental health and productivity. It can alleviate stress, sharpen focus, and create an environment that promotes efficiency by reducing the amount of clutter in a space. Thus organising it to support our needs helps us achieve greater success on all levels: mentally, physically, and mentally.

What are some effective decluttering tips for bedrooms?

To declutter your room, start by evaluating what you have in your closet and only retaining the items that are used regularly. For seasonal or sentimental things, find storage bins for them as an alternate storing place.

What is the 12 12 12 rule for decluttering?

The 12:12:12 rule comes from Joshua Becker Becoming Minimalism and as a quick and easy way to declutter your home on an ongoing basis. All you need to do is:

  • Identify 12 items you want to throw away;
  • Identify 12 items you can donate to charity;
  • Identify 12 items that can be put back in their normal place in the house.

It is very easy and you can always find 12 items you want to discard, 12 items you need donated to charity and 12 items you need returning to other areas of your house.

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