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We have boxes, tape and moving bits n’ bobs coming out of our ears. See us as your one-stop-shop for storage stuff.

- Sturdy cardboard boxes

- Bubble wrap,

- Packing tape

- Protective covers

- Special offers for new business customers

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All the moving boxes and supplies you'll ever need!

Moving house is no easy feat, often involving a mix of excitement and stress. Luckily HOLD is here to help! Whether you're relocating to a new home, reorganizing your space, or simply need high-quality moving boxes, we've got you covered. Our extensive stock – including wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap, single-walled boxes and packing boxes – ensuring your belongings can be packed securely and efficiently.

With HOLD Self Storage, transitioning to your new home or managing your storage needs becomes a smooth and worry-free experience. Browse our selection of boxes and supplies and find ideal solutions tailored to your needs. Let's make your move easy and successful together!

A wide range of moving supplies

We offer a comprehensive selection of the highest quality moving boxes supplies to cater to every aspect of your move, keeping a variety of moving boxes and packing materials in stock. Our moving products are of the highest quality and come in a range of sizes – designed to ensure the safety and ease of your moving process. So, whether you're moving house, reorganizing, or renovating, our inventory has something for every need.

  • Packing boxes – Specifically designed to protect your valuables during transit.
  • Wardrobe boxes – Ideal for transporting clothes while keeping them neat and wrinkle-free.
  • Cardboard packing boxes – A staple in moving, versatile for both small and large items.
  • Removal boxes – Specially crafted for the safe removal of your possessions.
  • Single walled boxes – Lightweight yet sturdy, perfect for less fragile items.
  • Bubble wrap – Provides extra protection for your fragile items.
  • Boxes for moving – A wide range of boxes to suit every packing need.
  • Large boxes – For your bulkier items, ensuring they stay secure.
  • Small boxes – Great for books, kitchenware, and other smaller items.

We guarantee you the highest quality supplies for a smooth moving experience. With HOLD Self Storage, you're not just moving; you're moving with confidence.

Choosing the right supplies for your move

Finding the right moving supplies is essential for a smooth transition. At HOLD Self Storage, our variety of options makes it easy for you to choose exactly what you need for your move.

  • Wide range of sizes – From small trinkets to big furniture, we have moving boxes of every size to accommodate all your things.
  • Strong packing options – Our strong, durable packing materials ensure your belongings are secure, no matter the quantity.
  • Ready for any challenge – Our supplies are ready to tackle any moving situation, ensuring your items are safely transported.
  • Easy to order – Placing an order is simple. Select your items, and we'll be ready to send them to you quickly.
  • Buy with confidence – Navigate our user-friendly website to buy the necessary moving boxes, offering options for every moving scenario.
  • Prepare for moving day – With HOLD Self Storage, you can be sure you're fully prepared and ready for moving day.

Wrap up your move with HOLD self storage

As you approach the final stages of your move, remember that HOLD Self Storage is here to ensure everything goes smoothly. Our commitment extends beyond providing a wide range of moving supplies. Not only will we save you time and money, We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service, ready to assist with any queries or needs you might have. Whatever your needs - decluttering, or looking for top-tier self storage solutions - we're here to help make your experience easy and efficient.

Contact HOLD Self Storage for a stress-free move, and let us be a part of your journey to a new beginning!

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