Best Padlock for Storage Unit—Tips & Options

When securing a storage unit, choosing the right padlock is crucial for protecting your belongings. This guide will help you navigate the options to find the best padlock that suits your needs, prioritising security, durability, and cost-effectiveness.



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Best Padlock for Storage Unit—Tips & Options

When securing a storage unit, choosing the right padlock is crucial for protecting your belongings. This guide will help you navigate the options to find the best padlock that suits your needs, prioritising security, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Padlock locking storage

Long ago, in 500 BC the Roman merchants used padlocks while traveling the ancient trade routes to Asia. Since then, the basic concept and design have changed very little.

Ancient Roman lock

It uses a locking mechanism that secures a shackle (the U-shaped bar) into the lock's body. When a key or combination is used, it triggers a series of internal springs and pins (in keyed padlocks) or dials (in combination locks) that align to unlock the shackle.

How are padlocks used?

Padlocks provide an easy and versatile method for securing various items at home or work. Small padlocks are great for securing personal lockers or drawers, ensuring quick and straightforward access.

If you need to secure sheds, garages, trailers, sheds, or a gate, you may need to spend a little more money on a better lock. For high-security needs, a robust padlock combined with a hasp can offer strong protection.

Matching the padlock to your storage unit

Before buying a padlock, consider what you're securing in the storage unit. If you're storing valuable items—like electronics, antiques, or important documents— a high-security padlock is recommended. For less valuable items, a standard padlock might suffice.

8 Types of padlocks

Keyed padlocks: These are traditional locks that use a key to open. They are generally very durable and offer a range of security features depending on the price. Look for models with a hardened steel shackle and anti-pick pins for increased security.

Combination lock

Combination locks: These locks do not require a key and can be convenient if you tend to lose keys. However, they are often easier to breach than keyed locks, so choose a model with a robust mechanism and avoid those with simple combinations.

Disc locks: Especially popular for storage units due to their design, disc locks offer enhanced protection against bolt cutters and other tools. Their rounded shape and minimal shackle exposure make them a top choice for storage security.

Electronic padlock

Electronic locks: These utilise technology such as fingerprint sensors or digital keypads. While convenient, they depend on batteries and may not be suitable for all outdoor environments, especially in cold or very wet conditions.

Weatherproof padlocks: These are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions like rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. They typically feature a protective covering that guards against rust and corrosion.

Shrouded padlocks: This type has an extended guard around the shackle, providing extra protection against bolt cutters. Shrouded padlocks are often used in high-security areas where the risk of tampering is significant.

Keyed alike padlocks: These are useful for situations where multiple locks are needed, and it’s convenient to open them all with the same key. This is commonly used in business operations where multiple pieces of equipment or doors need securing.

Interchangeable core padlock

Interchangeable core padlocks: These allow you to change the lock core without replacing the entire padlock. This feature is beneficial for businesses that need to change locks frequently due to security concerns or lost keys.

Considerations for choosing a padlock

Illustration of man holding padlock

Shackle size and material –The shackle is the U-shaped bar of the lock. A thicker, shorter shackle provides more resistance to tools like bolt cutters.

Lock body construction – Look for locks made from hardened steel or other durable materials that can withstand attempts to break or drill.

Weather resistance – If your storage unit is outdoors, ensure the padlock is weatherproof to prevent rusting and corrosion, which could weaken the lock.

Where can I buy padlocks for my storage unit?

If you choose HOLD self-storage, we have a range of affordable, high-quality padlocks, from laminated steel and disk to brass combination padlocks. When coupled with our advanced security, these will ensure your belongings are kept safe and sound.

Padlocks can be found in most tool shops. Check your local one to get a feel for their options and value.

Best padlocks available in 2024

How do you know if you properly picked the perfect padlock? Well, today, there are hundreds of different padlocks available, and which one you pick depends on usage and budget. Aside from,m HOLD's own offerings, here are a few sturdy staples.

The Master Lock 140D (£8-£10)

The Master Lock 140D offers solid performance at a low cost. It features a solid brass body and a hardened steel shackle, suitable for indoor and light outdoor use.

ABUS Granit (£100-£120)

Definitely on the pricier side, but you get what you pay for. The ABUS Granit padlock is one of the highest security locks on the market, designed to resist all forms of attack including cutting, drilling, and pulling. A great option for a shed with valuable tools inside.

Squire Combination Padlock (£25-£100 depending on strength)

Squire specialises in combination padlocks, providing robust security and convenience of a combination mechanism. They're ideal if you prefer not to carry keys.

Tips for using your padlock

Hand holding model of padlock
  • Always ensure the padlock is completely locked before leaving your unit. Test it by pulling on the shackle.
  • Keep the lock mechanism lubricated, especially if it's exposed to the elements, to ensure smooth operation and prevent rust.
  • If using a keyed lock, make duplicates of the key and store them in separate, secure locations to avoid lockouts.

Choosing the right padlock for your storage unit can significantly enhance the security of your stored items. With the right product, you can rest assured that your belongings are well-protected, giving you peace of mind while they're out of sight.

HOLD will keep your belongings secure

At HOLD Self Storage, we sell a range of affordable, top-of-the-line padlocks. We also pride ourselves on being a next-gen facility that combines cutting-edge security with top-notch customer service.

Our state-of-the-art security systems (including 24/7 surveillance and personalised access controls) ensure that your belongings are safe and secure at all times.

For more information and to get a free quote, reach out to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most secure padlock for a storage unit?

The most secure padlock for a storage unit is typically a disc lock due to its design that minimizes shackle exposure, making it difficult to cut or tamper with.

What storage unit locks cannot be cut?

Locks that cannot be easily cut include disc locks and shrouded padlocks, both of which are designed to protect against bolt cutters.

What is the best padlock that cannot be picked?

The best padlocks that resist picking usually feature advanced cylinder technologies, such as those with spool pins or disc detainer mechanisms.

Do I need my own lock for self-storage?

Most self-storage facilities require you to provide your own lock, ensuring that you're the only one with access to your unit. However, HOLD selss padlocks on site, and one of the team is always happy to give you a helping hand

What kind of locks do extra space storage use?

Extra Space Storage typically recommends or requires disc locks for their units due to their durability and difficulty to breach, although policies may vary by location.

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