The Best Storage Units in Kings Cross London

Are you in search of top-notch self-storage units in the Kings Cross area? Look no further! In this ultimate guide, we will walk you through the best Storage Kings Cross facilities that cater to various needs, from personal to business and student storage services. We’ll also explore insurance and security measures, introduce an exciting new storage solution, and provide tips on navigating Kings Cross with ease. Let’s dive in!



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The Best Storage Units in Kings Cross London

Are you in search of top-notch self-storage units in the Kings Cross area? Look no further! In this ultimate guide, we will walk you through the best Storage Kings Cross facilities that cater to various needs, from personal to business and student storage services. We’ll also explore insurance and security measures, introduce an exciting new storage solution, and provide tips on navigating Kings Cross with ease. Let’s dive in!

View from outside of Kings Cross train station

Ultimate guide to the best storage units in London's travel hub

Key takeaways

  • Discover comprehensive storage solutions in Kings Cross, London for both households and businesses.
  • Services range from pick-up & delivery to 24/7 CCTV surveillance with insurance coverage options.
  • Navigate the area easily with public transportation tips and directions available on facility websites.

Discovering top storage facilities in Kings Cross

Kings Cross London

Kings Cross, located in London, houses a variety of esteemed storage facilities offering an extensive range of options for both households and businesses. STORED, EasyStorage, Safestore and Access Self Storage are some examples that offer small lockers to larger units as well as spare room possibilities if needed.

Whether it’s due to relocation, moving house, or the growing needs of your company, these Kings Cross self-storage services have you covered! From storing furniture to office equipment. Access space anytime without much trouble when taking advantage of one or more of these facilities providers available here with various solutions suitable for different requirements.STORED

STORED stands out from other storage facilities in Kings Cross, providing comprehensive services for personal storage. Its customer-focused approach offers pick up and packing assistance at a competitive price with an additional liability cover of £500 free of charge. As well, customers can enjoy their inventory management online plus flexible pickup time-slots when booking through the STORED platform. Storage experts are on hand to ensure that all belongings receive adequate protection while keeping them easily accessible too! It is advised that users read over the rules before confirming their order for optimum service quality while under these trusted hands. With no need to visit a unit or store it themselves anymore – choosing STORED ensures efficient handling coupled with secure storage conditions – making sure your items remain safe each step of the way.


EasyStorage offers an easy and economical storage option in Kings Cross, which is located close to Stable Street. Their self-storage units provide a comprehensive selection of storage services tailored according to specific requirements with straightforward pricing that starts at £18 per week. They also offer their collection, loading and drop off service for maximum convenience.

  1. A team of loaders come directly at your doorstep.
  2. They then collect your items before packing them into secured EasyPods.
  3. These are sealed for security reasons prior to being transported to one of EasyStorage’s secure facilities.
  4. For additional help during the process, there are supplementary services available such as packing materials or assistance from experienced professionals.


Located near Claremont Square, close to Kings Cross Station, Safestore is a renowned storage facility which offers more than 40 room sizes. At this prime spot in the heart of London, they ensure that all stored items are safely secured with 24-hour CCTV surveillance and intruder alarms on site. Reserving an ideal unit for your needs is hassle free and budget friendly!

At Kings Cross customers can find their perfect self-storage solution as well as peace of mind knowing security measures have been put into place onsite at the facility providing them coverage over a wide range from small individual units up larger sized rooms.

Access Self Storage

At Access Self Storage in Kings Cross, they provide different types of storage solutions for households, businesses and students. Their self-storage units span a range from 8 sq ft up to 500 sq ft, making them an optimal choice for any sort of space requirements you may have. They offer secure vehicle storage that is equipped with double door access as well as 24 hour CCTV security system for extra peace of mind. Flexible office spaces can be found at their facility too, although the amenities included are not mentioned here specifically. Regardless, all these advantages come combined with competitive prices – ensuring customers will get excellent value out there King’s storage needs resolved!

Metro Storage

Located at 27 Maryland Walk, Islington Metro Storage provides secure and convenient self-storage units in Kings Cross. They have flexible storage sizes with transparent pricing policy including complimentary padlock, insurance, VAT fees as well as a 50% discount on the first four weeks of payments. Easily accessible from Coal Drops Yard, it offers extended opening hours to store your belongings easily within their premises that is safe and secure. To reserve one must provide identification documents along with an initial payment before renting out the unit, which makes them suitable for all kinds of personal storage requirements.

HOLD Storage: A new storage solution coming to Kings Cross

The launch of HOLD Self Storage in Kings Cross this spring is an exciting development in the storage world. Offering 24/7 access, climate controlled units and superior security features, they aim to be a leader in delivering modern storage solutions. Committed to providing reliable services at competitive prices starting next year, customers can anticipate unparalleled convenience and safety for their belongings when utilising these innovative offerings from HOLD Storage. Be prepared for the revolution happening right here in Kings Cross where secure units are just moments away!

Personal storage solutions in Kings Cross

Packing a personal storage box

There are plenty of personal storage solutions in Kings Cross to choose from. Storage units, ranging from single ones to spacious 400-square foot facilities, can be booked online with companies such as EasyStorage or Metro Storage. Convenience and competitive prices come guaranteed by services like STORED, that offer pick up on top of their price guarantee for self storage in Kings Cross area. Access Self Storage also provides convenient access to affordable and secure personal storage for furniture items or sentimental belongings at the same time allowing flexible timeslots when needed most. Making it easier than ever before finding the perfect fit among all these available options near you!

Business storage opportunities in Kings Cross

Small business storage units

Businesses in Kings Cross are offered numerous tailored storage services, from startups to larger organisations. STORED offers pick-up service, regular return service for businesses and stock call off. Plus seasonal storage and custom business requirements handling options. Unfortunately, the expense related to this particular type of storage is not revealed publicly.

The experts at STORED provide efficient assistance with storing your items: they collect them directly from you if necessary, offer packing help when needed, once stored they will bring back whatever was requested by your business. With such comprehensive opportunities around it’s easier for companies in the King’s Cross region to focus on building their growth as there needs get taken care of without hassle!

Student storage services in Kings Cross

Student Storage Solution

Kings Cross offers an array of self storage services with a wide range of storage options and 24/7 access. Students can choose from individual facilities, such as STORED, Safestore and Access Self Storage in London, that offer individually alarmed units at competitive prices. Other student-friendly amenities available to Kings Cross students include Big Yellow’s WiFi study spaces, gyms or social areas along with Shurgard’s laundry services or Attic Self Storage’s free packing materials for added convenience when it comes to storing their possessions securely. Mail Boxes. Etc provides additional secure space ideal for books and other course material which need extra care during the academic year if studying away from home is required.

Luggage Storage options for tourists

Luggage storage

For tourists to Kings Cross, a range of secure and convenient luggage storage services are offered. At the station itself, there is Left Baggage, Radical Storage or LuggageHero available as facilities for visitors’ belongings while they explore what this area has to offer. Prices depend on the specific service chosen with options starting from £1.19 per hour (LuggageHero) up to Nannybag’s charge of £6 per bag for an entire day staying in their care at just one example rate given above alongside City Spare Space and Stasher too - these last two offering sliding scales covering different time lengths. Three hours right through until 72 hours plus any additional days needed respectively. This makes it possible then enjoy all that can be found here without having to worry about leaving bags elsewhere!

Furniture storage units in Kings Cross

Furniture Storage

If you are in the process of relocating or need temporary furniture storage, Kings Cross has a wide range of self-storage units available to accommodate your needs. Options such as Safestore Self Storage Kings Cross have numerous sizes and room types on offer, while Access Self Storage provides small scale options ideal for those who require minimal space for their belongings. Other services like Big Yellow, Attic Self Storage, Shurgard STORED, EasyStorage Urban Locker and Metro also provide quality furniture storage solutions within the area too so no matter what kind of unit you’re looking for, there is sure to be one that fits both your budget and requirements at either location.

Insurance and security measures at Kings Cross storage facilities

When it comes to keeping your possessions safe, insurance and security measures are essential. Kings of Kings. Cross storage facilities offer plenty of these precautions such as 24/7 CCTV monitoring, intruder alarms for added protection and the option of using third-party insurers to cover any theft or damage that may occur while items are in a unit.

For example, Safestore provides various types of coverage so you can rest assured knowing your belongings have an extra layer of defence within their facility. By picking out a place with adequate safety protocols and insurance options available like those at Kings Cross Storage Facilities. Storing will be much more hassle-free!

Navigating Kings Cross – Directions and public transport tips

Navigating the bustling area of Kings Cross in Central London is straightforward thanks to its extensive public transportation network, comprising multiple bus routes, tube lines and overground services. It offers an abundance of attractions for tourists including shops, bars and restaurants that make it a great place to explore.

Location directions are easily available online or by getting in touch with individual storage facilities such as STORED near King’s Cross St Pancras station (take Euston Road from outside Kings Cross station) or EasyStorage which can be found at an address in close proximity on Stable Street. Planning out visits around this part of London will thus be effortless once you have all the required information regarding storage centres nearby ready!

Research before choosing a self storage company

Kings Cross provides a myriad of storage solutions for every demand, such as as personal and business ones, along with student and luggage services. There are exceptional facilities like STORED, EasyStorage Metro Storage Access Self-storage among others which make finding the most convenient option easy. H*LD Storage is set to launch in spring 2024, bringing even more efficient options into play that local businesses and tourists alike can benefit from! Kings Cross has all your storage needs taken care of. Just make sure you carefully assess aspects like costs, services, location, and convenience before choosing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I don't pay my storage unit UK?

The storage facility has the right to keep your items in their unit until any future outstanding payments are fulfilled if you fail to pay the fees for using it.

Is there luggage storage at Kings Cross?

At Kings Cross, luggage storage is available with 24-hour CCTV monitoring. This service can be found on the main concourse of Kings Cross and it runs 7 days a week at prices starting from £3.99 each day. Excess Baggage Co and Left Luggage facilities are both located within this station offering convenient, safe and secure options when travelling around London or beyond!

What types of storage facilities are available in Kings Cross?

Kings Cross offers a broad selection of storage solutions, from business and personal units to student-oriented services. People in the area can also book online to take advantage of their luggage storing facilities for when they need extra space.

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