20 Businesses You Can Run Using a Storage Unit

Today, storage units are more than just places to keep your extra belongings They offer a cost-effective and secure solution for running various businesses. Whether you're an online retailer, a furniture restorer, or a creative professional, these versatile spaces can meet your needs. In this guide, we'll explore 20 businesses you can successfully run from a storage unit.

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20 Businesses You Can Run Using a Storage Unit

Today, storage units are more than just places to keep your extra belongings They offer a cost-effective and secure solution for running various businesses. Whether you're an online retailer, a furniture restorer, or a creative professional, these versatile spaces can meet your needs. In this guide, we'll explore 20 businesses you can successfully run from a storage unit.

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Discover the huge number of businesses you can run from a storage unit!

Benefits of using a storage unit for your business

  • Cost-effective – Renting a storage unit is often more affordable than leasing traditional commercial space, helping businesses save on overhead costs.
  • Flexibility – Storage units offer flexible leasing options, allowing businesses to scale up or down based on their needs. This is particularly useful for seasonal businesses or those experiencing rapid growth.
  • Security – Modern storage facilities provide high-security measures, including CCTV surveillance, individually alarmed units, and secure access controls, ensuring your inventory and equipment are well-protected.
  • Convenience – Many storage facilities offer 24/7 access, making it easy for business owners to retrieve items at any time, which is ideal for businesses that operate outside regular hours.
  • Climate control – Climate-controlled units help protect sensitive items such as electronics, documents, and inventory from extreme temperatures and humidity, maintaining the quality and integrity of stored items.
  • Inventory management – Storage units can be organised with shelving and racks to efficiently manage inventory, helping keep your business organised and making it easier to track and access items.
  • Space optimisation – Using a storage unit frees up valuable space in your home or primary business location, allowing you to maintain a clutter-free environment and use your main space more effectively.
  • Logistics – Storage facilities like HOLD can serve as pickup points for shipping companies like DHL, streamlining your logistics and making it easier to handle deliveries and shipments.
  • Professional appearance – Storing excess inventory and equipment offsite helps maintain a professional appearance at your primary business location, which can be important for client-facing businesses.
  • Expansion capability – Upgrade to a larger unit within the same facility, ensuring that your storage solutions grow with your business.

Types of businesses that can be run from a storage unit

*Before undertaking any of the below, always consult with your storage facility to ensure you're compliant with their rules

1. E-commerce retail

Storage units are ideal for online retailers, such as eBay and Amazon sellers. You can store inventory, manage orders, and ship products directly from your unit. This is especially useful for those dealing with various products, from electronics to beauty products. Many facilities offer flexible leasing options, making it easy to scale your business as it grows.

2. Furniture flipping

Repurposing and selling vintage or second-hand furniture can be a lucrative business. Having a dedicated space for furniture work helps maintain a clutter-free home environment and allows you to work on multiple pieces at once.

3. Vintage clothing sales

stacked clothes

Storage units offer the perfect environment for storing and organising vintage clothing collections. This setup is beneficial for those involved in car boot sales or online vintage shops. The controlled environment helps preserve delicate fabrics and rare pieces, ensuring they remain in excellent condition for sale.

4. Photography studio

Transform a storage unit into a professional photography studio. With proper lighting and electrical access, photographers can conduct shoots and store equipment securely. This setup is cost-effective compared to renting a traditional studio space and provides a dedicated area for creative work.

5. Event planning

Store decorations, equipment, supplies, and use the unit as a base for operations. This makes it easier to prepare for events without cluttering your home or office space. 

6. Fashion design

Fashion designers need space for materials, sewing machines, and finished products. Serving as both a workspace and inventory storage, it can help you manage multiple projects efficiently.

7. Market stall holders

With space for shelves and displays, you can store and organise your goods efficiently. This setup helps you run your retail operations without the high costs of a traditional storefront.

8. Handyman services

tools on work shelves

A storage unit can house tools, spare parts, and other equipment for handyman services. This allows easy access and organisation of your tools without cluttering your home. It also provides a secure place to store expensive equipment and materials.

9. Arts and crafts

Store materials, create products, and use the space as a workshop for larger projects.

10. eBay business

Selling items on eBay requires space for storing products and packing materials. Using a unit allows for better organisation and quicker order fulfillment.

11. Personal trainer

Fitness trainers can store equipment and even conduct training sessions in larger units. This offers a private space for clients and eliminates the need for a costly gym lease. You can also store fitness equipment safely and access it whenever needed.

12. Pet Grooming

With proper equipment and some modifications, you can create a clean and safe environment for grooming pets. This setup is more affordable than renting a commercial space and provides a quiet area for your services.

13. Bookshop

Woman on ladder on shelves with books

Whether running an online bookstore or setting up occasional sales events, a storage unit can keep your stock organised and accessible. The controlled environment helps protect books from damage.

14. Small manufacturing

Storage units are suitable for small-scale manufacturing, such as creating handmade jewellery or custom electronics. Ensure you have the necessary permits and that the unit meets safety standards. This setup provides a dedicated workspace away from home distractions.

15. Car parts and spares

Car spares retailers can store car parts securely in a storage unit. This setup allows easy access to inventory and keeps parts organised and safe from the elements. It also helps keep your home garage or driveway free from clutter.

16. Beauty products

This is ideal for catalogue sellers who need a secure place to keep their stock before distribution. The controlled environment helps maintain product quality.

17. Sports club organiser

Sports club organisers can use storage units to store equipment, uniforms, and other supplies. This ensures everything is in one place and easily accessible for events and practices. It also helps keep your home or car free from bulky sports gear.

18. Theatre companies

This is a great solution for theatre companies that need a dedicated space to keep their materials organised. It also provides a secure place to store valuable items between productions.

19. Fundraiser supplies

Keep equipment, raffle prizes, and other materials organised and ready for events. It also helps ensure that all materials are kept safe and in good condition.

20. Wine storage

wine storage

HOLD offers climate-controlled storage units, so you can store wine collections safely. This is perfect for wine sellers who need to maintain optimal conditions for their stock. The controlled environment ensures that the wine is kept at the right temperature and humidity levels.

What you'll need to run your business from a storage unit

Furniture & shelving

Depending on the size of your self storage unit and how much you plan to store, you might have room to fit it out with some basic office furniture as well as your stock and equipment. You could use it as a base to catch up with paperwork or to double-check the details of orders you’re sending out.

You could also set up a table for packaging up orders and printing out order labels. Our storage facilities are all DHL pickup points, so you can easily send your parcels out for delivery directly from the storage facility, or you can make your own arrangements — whichever best suits you.

Shelving and racks are often essential for better organisation. If you’re thinking of reserving a unit, call and find out what shelving or racks are available at the storage facilities nearest you.

Have a look at our range of boxes and packaging to help you to keep your belongings organised. This is especially useful for business storage needs, ensuring everything is neat and accessible.

Power & electricity

Finding storage facilities with powered units can be tricky, so consider bringing battery-operated lights to brighten up your dedicated space. This will make it easier to find items and work comfortably. For those who need more consistent power, some facilities offer electric storage units with electrical access, but these are less common and may come at a premium. We advise investing in some decent portable chargers to keep the electricity flowing.

If you need to keep in touch with your office or check on orders when visiting your self storage unit, ensure you have a good internet connection. HOLD offers free WiFi, so you can easily access your emails and the internet.

Most storage units aren't fitted with electrical outlets(this includes HOLD). So if you plan to use your laptop or phone whilst in your unit, fully charge the batteries beforehand. Your laptop’s battery can power other equipment such as label printers or speakers so you can listen to some music while you load or unload your unit!

Grow your business at HOLD

Today, most modern facilities let storage users use units for business purposes. We go one step further. At HOLD, we're already helping many business owners grow their operations. Whether you need a small unit to start or larger spaces for expanding inventory, our flexible options can accommodate your evolving requirements.

We offer 24/7 access, climate-controlled units to protect sensitive items, and high-security measures including CCTV and individually alarmed units. If you require frequent shipping, our facilities also serve as DHL pickup points, streamlining your logistics.

We also provide free WiF, making it easier to stay connected and manage your business on the go. With HOLD Storage, you can find storage units that not only meet your current needs but also offer the flexibility to grow with your business. Reach out to us today for a free quote and get 50% off for the first month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you run a workshop from a storage unit?

Yes, but it depends on the specific policies of the storage facility. Some facilities (like HOLD) allow it if the activities don’t involve flammable materials or generate excessive noise. Always check with the storage provider to ensure compliance with their rules and any local regulations

Do you pay business rates on storage?

If you rent a storage unit to use for business, you don’t have to cover the business rates on that space. Instead, the operators of the storage facility will handle these payments.

How flexible can HOLD storage be if my business grows?

When choosing a storage unit, it’s important to plan ahead and take into account the potential for inventory growth. If you foresee prolonged use of storage space for your business needs, opt for someone like HOLD that not only serves immediate demands but also has room to support additional stock as your enterprise expands.

What are some factors to consider when assessing business storage needs?

When assessing business storage needs, it’s important to consider factors like inventory, equipment, growth considerations, and accurately assess the storage volume. This will help determine the right unit size required for storage.

Can you use a generator in a storage unit?

This is generally not advised due to the risks associated with carbon monoxide emissions, fire hazards, and inadequate ventilation. Most storage facilities in the UK have strict regulations prohibiting the use of generators within storage units to ensure safety.

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